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Giant Virus Database

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Welcome to the Giant Virus Database!

Here you will find a collection of data products generated from a broad range of Nucleocytoviricota genomes to facilitate the genomic and phylogenetic analysis of viruses in this phylum.

We recently wrote a preprint describing these data products in detail, together with a taxonomy and phylogenomic framework for the Nucleocytoviricota. You can read it here


Hierarchical taxonomy of reference genomes

We produced a hierarchical taxonomy based on a benchmarked phylogeny of 1,382 Nucleocytoviricota genomes. You can view the tree on iTOL here

OR you can access the spreadsheet of annotated genomes here

Genome and protein sequences

Genomes used in the GVDB, their encoded proteins, protein annotations, and associated metadata
Download here


Giant Virus Orthologous Groups (GVOGs) are a set of 8,863 protein families found in Nucleocytoviricota. HMMs and their descriptions are provided
Download here

Trees and Alignments

Raw concatenated and per-gene alignments of marker genes used to make trees, and their associated tree files
Download here


A Phylogenomic Framework for Charting the Diversity and Evolution of Giant Viruses. FO Aylward, M Moniruzzaman, AD Ha, EV Koonin. 2021. BioRxiv.


For questions or comments please contact Frank Aylward at faylward at vt dot edu

Main image: Aureococcus anophagefferens Virus. Image credit: Steven Wilhelm, Eric Gann, Chuan Xiao and Yuejiao Xian